You Have The Sun But Want The Moon

I’m the darkness you crave 
You can’t run away 
Even your love knows the way you feel about me
Wanting what you shouldn’t have 
Forbidden fruit with seductive laughs 
Your time is valued by the sun yet you’re curious of the moon 
Dwelling in what life consumes 
The person that looks you in the eyes every morning is a burden on your passion 
A touch of rain breathes out in a erratic fashion 
I’m simply just a jungle in your book 
Not merely a chapter or a page 
I’m only a night of your day 
I can never be your nite in any gleaming shiny armor of ways 
Poison to what you stand for angelic woman 
You’re the only person that can stop what’s ever coming 
Venom in the prestige of your endowment 
What we once had is tacit indulgence washed away where no one can find it 
Pandora’s box hidden by a secret that’s not really kept 
Smoking mirrors in the flesh 
You want your pain to be pounded away by the key held by the dungeons owner 
The thought that maintains in your head repeat through the next reaping morning 
What to do now
What is the way out 


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