Moving Stars 

Nothing can save you from the pain 
Your vulnerable neglected sentiments are lost without direction 
A compass couldn’t be your hero, a stretch of your shameful protection 
Prohibit me from blame 
I must release you into the wild to change 
I shall grow to find out who I really am 
Burning roses, the ashes of vintage passion lingering in devastation
Shattering your heart wasn’t the obligation 
Yet I rather break your heart with affection than to stay in hate 
I need to stop and breath 
Walking to stop and smell the trees 
Birds, branches, leaves 
Freedom is what I seek 
I can no longer sail in your storm 
Being a prisoner of a war in romance takes us to a corrupt place 
Don’t sadden yourself
For this is a journey of amplification to a better divine awareness of who we are 
 This is a retrograde of the moving stars 

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