She’s A Poisoned Flower 

My vices are occupied by two pair of eyes 

I realized the demise to my life is defined by an immortal soul that’s humanized 

Nevertheless I could have ponderously died without a trace to leave behind 

She takes my breath away every time

Doctors tell me that any day I can flatline 

She’s my poison, a forbidden fruit that will never ripe 

She’s the sweet wine mixed with dubious passion and lemon line 

 But the only thing is she isn’t mine 

I only know of her existence in the night 

Never once have I ever felt her consciousness in the day light 

How can I feel so blissfully victimized

I can sense  my well being sink and decline 

I’m decaying into a black rose 

She holds hands with me in my embassy 

Wonder if she knows that she now holds  hands with a ghost  


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