Free Me From Time 

Time isn’t authentic 
Clocks aren’t real and the weeks are none existent 
This explains why the moment is more than a quantum physic 
Other people’s opinions are meaningless
Life is divine and transcendent 
We are all just matter and atoms floating around with an inner spirit  
On the same path in the universe contemplating who has the right religion 
My denomination is kindness and my ethnicity is the human race 
In my brain every faith is the same 
We all meditate and pray for better days 
We drink from the same water that’s been offered to us by the courtesy of the rain 
The air we breath should be a symbol of gratitude, grace, gratefulness, and praise 
How can anybody hate when we all want the same thing
Cravings of love, oneness, totality and change 
As the retrograde rotates my paradigm shifts to a blissful place 
A domain where we all know that clocks won’t save us, only love can stray us away from pain 


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