6 Effective Ways of Promoting Your Poetry

Most poets feel like poetry is something they have to do not what they want to do. It can, however, be very frustrating to compose a poem. Trying to find the right words to capture the emotion or sentiment you’re trying to express isn’t always easy. Even when you write down a poem that you consider above average, you still end up getting plagued by doubts. You wonder if anyone is ever going to read your work.

A lot of writers wonder how they can promote their poetry without having to pay someone. We’ve put together 6 ways that you can use to promote your poetry effectively

1. Submit them to Literary Journals

A lot of poets tend to shy away from this, but there’s no avoiding it. However, if your work gets accepted by a literary journal, they’ll do the job of promoting for you. Also, you can include the name of their publication to your author’s bio. Whenever the literary journal publishes one of your work, you’re making a connection to an editor in the literary world. Sometimes these ties only exist on a superficial level and rarely amount to anything, but other times they can lead to publications in chapbooks, other literary magazines, and even earn you a full-length manuscript publication.

Some literary journeys may charge you a reading fee before you’re allowed to submit however there are a lot more that don’t.

2. Own a Blog or a Website

The great thing about owning a blog or a website is that you don’t have to pay. So as a writer who’s looking for ways to promote their work, there’s no reason not to have one. You can post up poems, have links to your publications, and even sell your chapbooks through your websites.

3. Social Media and the Internet

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Instagram are just a few of the social media platforms and outlets you should have a foot in and be ready to experiment with if you wish to get your poetry across hundreds and even thousands of people. They give you the opportunity to publish poems and excerpts of your work. That way you can build a name for yourself and gauge what readers are most interested in.

4. Be Part of a Poetry Community

Joining a poetry community can be an enjoyable experience. You get to meet and make friends with people you can talk about poetry with, and you’ll be able to promote your work alongside your poetic friends. Poetry communities are truly a fascinating place. You can meet up with other poets and exchange ideas and opportunities for publications and grants.

It can be a tricky thing trying to locate a poetry community. Although, a great place to start is at the poetry writing class that your community college or local bookstore holds. Another way of meeting with people to form a poetry community is by attending literary events and poetry readings. Promoting your work requires a lot of networking, so go out there and make friends.

5. Attend Open Mics

For those who don’t know, open mics are events that allow people from the community the opportunity to come together and read their work. Sometimes it is exclusively poetry. Other times it could include short fiction pieces and even music. Start attending open mics if you’re serious about promoting, read some of your work for the crowd every once in a while. You may want to get familiar with the whole setting before you decide to do a reading. So attend a couple and just enjoy the show.

Every so often, the opportunity to sell copies of your poems or books will arise at open mics so if you have a published work or two you may want to bring a copy.

6. Online Poetry Community

Most times writers can be a shy group of people. So if you’re one of those, or maybe you live in a rural area, or you’re just interested in expanding your current poetry community, you can do that by joining an online community.

A lot of these online communities are forum based. A very popular example would be SheWrites, a community for female writers that caters to all genres. However, there are many other communities you can join. A search through Google’s database and you’re guaranteed to find a community that suits you. Many of these communities also let you post a poem and wait for editing feedback. You can also give feedback when other post their work.
There are also a lot of active poetry communities on Facebook so why not search through to see if you’ll find the group that’ll fit your style. Most times joining one Facebook community will lead you to join others.
There you have it, 6 of the more efficient ways of promoting your poetry. Why not try out a couple to see which works best for you.

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