The Top 5 Books of 2017

Books are great sources of knowledge and reading one poses a lot of benefits. There are many books written and published this year, each with a different story line and great minds behind their creation. The goodness of a book is reading it from cover to cover and enjoying every bit of it. Since there are different categories of books, what you love reading will be different from what someone else loves. Thus, there is need to ensure that books come in different categories to meet the taste and style of every other person out there who loves reading. While you may not be interested in reading classical books, here are the top 5 books you can read in 2017:

1. The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy

This great book by an Indian writer (Arundhati Roy) talks about the India’s reach history. It focuses more on the vicious history of the Indians and the disastrous effects that arose with the partition that lasted for some time. Speaking from the side of “Anjum’s” view, Roy brings to the people a personal feel to the book and the political aspect of it. It is a good read and as you coarse through the pages you will enrich yourself with some great historical knowledge. It is a story of brokenness caused by tragic events and the cure of that was “love”. It is a beautiful book, good story and above all, worth the 20-years wait of the sensual work.

2. Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

The book is about two lovers, who are young and in a warzone. They escape their town, a middle Eastern Country torn by War and head towards the West, to places like London. This west Cities have been receiving high numbers of refugees escaping the East due to the budding war at the time. Mohsin brings us to the reality that we are all refugees and are always running into safety from something bad happening. Therefore, you can sympathize with the protagonists, the lovers, who are heading to the west to seek greener pastures. Their live journey is demonstrated to have a lot of trials, which are nothing short of the challenges we face. It is reflects the life we are in, making it a good read.

3. White Tears by Hari Kunzru

The latest book by Hari is a reflection of a hipster. The book focuses on two self-acclaimed friends, Carter and Seth, who are audio geeks and have a sensual passion for African-American Jazz, Reggae and hip-hop. It is a true reflection of the life music lovers live today fighting all odds people are involved in to establish their success. The story is portrayed in a very touching manner through which the actions attribute to a consequence that they never foresaw coming. So, the two friends record a chess player who happens to be singing in Washington Square Park. The video goes viral, however, the resulting effect is something unexpected. To find out more on what Hari has in store for you, you better get your copy today.

4. The Kingdom by Emmanuel Carrere

We cannot miss on some knight action and dramatic west feel of the kingdoms and their royalty rule. At number four, a must reed book is Carrere’s “The Kingdom”. It is a nonfictional book, which concentrates from his beginning times as a catholic. He is coming into terms with his past by confronting his once devotional catholic. As the book unravels, it presents a new picture with a bizarre touch to it of how the early church was. He works on the storyline from that point reaching deeper into what he knows on that was back then in the olden days. In the new direction of his context, he uses a parable of his own captivating life to finish the story in a forthright manner.

5. Priestdaddy: A Memoir by Patricia Lockwood

The book by Patricia makes you want to question your childhood propagandas. The book surrounds her life when she went want to live with her parents for a while. Her father, a catholic priest and her mother whose focus was on devil worshippers and the disaster. These conflicting sides of her parents brings her back to her childhood memories. She narrates with a straight to the point voice and with a hilarious twist. The autobiography, of her one and only priest father is about reminiscing on her childhood life when she has to move back into her old home. It is hilarious and at the same time deeply moving that it makes you want to review your own childhood memoirs.

These are only a few of the books that you can read before the year if you have a passion for reading. As you can see, each book is inspired by something different. It does not have to be the actual truth but the writers present them in the most real way that a book can inspire you. It is all about telling it as it is and touching the lives of the readers. If you are looking for intellectual books to read on with a hint of life, then these are a must read for you. Enjoy the books from anywhere you like and grasp on the best things you can acquire from marvelous ideas of creative minds.

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