8 Tips on Writing an ebook


Did you know that many article and content writers are usually afraid to make the first critical step in their career? Majority of the writers recognize that ebooks are life-changing and are an excellent source of side-income but often fear to start because they are not sure not where to begin or how to go about it.

Some writers refuse to get boxed and take the risk and start writing ebooks sometimes ignorant of what is expected.  While some of them encounter challenges and give up easily, others brave on and eventually write an excellent ebook. As a guide to anyone intending to start writing ebooks, the following are 8 tips on how to write an exceptional ebook.

  • Choose a topic

Just picking up an idea or subject to write about without researching on the market need is one of the greatest mistake beginner ebook writers can do. Some writers also choose a topic they know nothing or little about and end up giving up.

Some topics seem great to write about because there is a promising market out there. Writing about such issues can be catastrophic because you might find out the market is already saturated and only established renown names are selling thus will making it difficult to penetrate the market and sell your ebook.

Choosing a topic you are well conversant with will help you enjoy writing, save you from doing lots of daunting and discouraging research, increase your writing speed, and ultimately increases the chance of completing the final draft.

  • Choose topics that educate, engage and answer questions for readers

Frequently reading magazines and blogs could provide you with some clues on the topics to write on. Some articles crop up over and over though with a different presentation of information each time. The central idea covered by those articles is usually a great one for writing an ebook.

Having a blog or an email newsletter is always an advantage in the ebook writing because of the ready-made audience for your work who are a perfect source of information and ideas. You can engage the audience by surveying them on some possible ebook titles or topics you choose to find out which they prefer.

Reviewing comments or emails received on newsletters can help you realize the questions or problems that crop up often? Such questions and comments can assist you to write an ebook addressing them.

  • Research

Doing research even on familiar topics helps to check and confirm facts as well as get some valuable and exciting ideas that can impress the readers.

Allocating a specified amount of time for research work before beginning to write protects writers from getting stuck at the research stage gathering articles and books or noting down quotes, facts, and references. Research can be done for the entire ebook or in chapters.

Reading Similar Books or ebooks not only provides the ideas and information to help you write but also gives an overview of what other writers have not covered. The areas not comprehensively covered are best suitable for your ebook.

Ensure that only facts and statistics that are verifiable or have been verified by other authors are included in the ebook.

  • Outline the ideas

After gathering enough ideas and information on the topic, outline them in a hierarchical order with main titles for each chapter. Break down each title into several subheadings to ensure the book has a clear structure and to avoid getting stuck as you write. Ensure the titles are engaging, informative and attractive to catch the eye of the reader.

  • Create a Distraction-Free Environment

Writing is usually a demanding, mind-boggling and energy consuming task that most people fear and often give in to distractions when they come along. Using a program such as darkroom or writeroom which allows for full-screen writing creates a distraction-free environment and helps you to stay focused. Other distractions to avoid include your phone and social media accounts.

  • Write while fresh and free

Writing the book with a fresh mind helps in the flow of ideas as well as writing speed. Don’t abandon blog to concentrate on writing the ebook. Concentrating more on the blog helps to increase traffic thus increasing the chances of more people seeing and purchasing the book when launched. It is most advisable to focus on writing the main content of the ebook first and write the introductory pages last to avoid constant editing every time you change a few things.

  • Edit and adjust

When you are done writing, look through the draft to see if there are parts that are repetitive. You can rewrite or merge the repeated elements.

Whether you are editing the book yourself or you have hired a copyeditor, always aim for clarity and ensure the use of grammar, spelling and punctuation marks is correct.

  • Design your cover

The following are some of the tips to consider when designing a cover for the book.

  • The cover should be eye-catching and visually attractive to entice people who see to download.
  • Maintain a consistent color theme and style template to help readers recognize any other book you write.
  • Ensure the book is accessible and readable on each section.
  • The content page at the start of the eBook should be clear for readers to know what to expect and access the best sections easily.
  • Ensure the final design is optimised in all formats and for all devices.

Marketing the ebook is one of the difficult tasks if not handled carefully. Some of the strategies for marketing are to ensure that your ebook has a well and clear landing page that highlights its benefits or to launch it in a blog with heavy traffic.

Doing promotions on social media platforms with many people is also a great marketing strategy.

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