Russell Brand : Recovery and Freedom From Addictions Book Review

Recovery and Freedom From Addictions

Are any unhealthy habits or attachments holding your life together? Are you unconsciously dependent on anything such as your phone, food, bad relationships, drugs or a job that doesn’t give satisfaction or fulfillment? Then you most likely are an addict.

Ingesting substances such as alcohol or engaging in activities such as gambling can be pleasurable. The frequent engagements in such elements or activities can become compulsive and interfere with regular responsibilities and interests, such as work, relationships, or health and eventually cause addiction. People with an addiction may not always be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems to themselves and others, but it’s easy for people around them to notice.


Various forms of addiction that affect the lives of individuals all over the world include; stress, bad relationships, digital media, addiction to work, sugar addiction, sex, fame, drugs, caffeine, and alcohol. In the world we are living today, almost everyone has a form of addiction that they struggle with, with the aim of getting out of it. Russell Brand, a movie star, and comedian, however, addresses the issue in his book, ‘Recovery: Freedom from our addictions.’

With a unique mix of honesty, humor, and sympathy, Russell Brand, a movie star and comedian has struggled addictions of heroin, sex, alcohol, fame, alcohol, alcohol, and eBay. He narrates his own wild story and shares the advice and wisdom gained through his fourteen years of recovery he went through. He hopes to help addicts and their loved ones make the first steps into recovery from their addictions.

Recovering from addiction

Addiction recovery is a gradual process that requires full commitment and patience of an individual who should be willing and ready to gain freedom from the addiction. People in addiction just like Russell live in denial, and Russell Brand notes that the question is not why the addiction but the pain your addiction is masking, why you are running into the wrong job, wrong life and wrong person’s arms.

According to Russell, addiction takes different shapes and sizes thus indicating that the level of addiction is different for different people, therefore, the recovery process is a daily process filled with activities that cannot be the same. Some individuals may take longer in the recovery process than others depending on the level of addiction.

Through the book, Russell provides not only a recovery plan but an attempt to make sense of the ailing world thus significantly contributing to changing the lives of others by assisting them to achieve freedom from their addictions.

Russell has been through all the twelve-step fellowships; he started his own men’s group, he attends therapy regularly and a practiced yogi. Though he worked on this material as part of his comedy, he has never shared the tools that took him from addiction, which keep him clean and clear.

Russell notes that his material offers liberation from self-centeredness, a new perspective as well as freedom from the illusion of suffering for anyone willing to take the necessary steps. He also notes that his manual for self-realization comes not from a mountain but the mud and emphasizes that the qualification is not that he is better than anyone but worse.

This book is a real testimony and encouragement to people who are victims of any addictions by giving them hope. Realizing and acknowledging that one has an obsession that is affecting their life is one of the most significant steps towards recovery. While at some point most people recognize that they have an addiction and require help, making the ultimate decision to seek help and advice always seems a challenge. This is evidenced by the secretive behavior of Russell of fearing to share his problem with anyone, even to his colleagues who worked with him.

While it is common in this modern age, Russell points that addiction is a condition so epidemic, all-encompassing and ubiquitous and that many usually don’t know that they have it unless they are lucky enough to be an extreme case.


Russell Brand recovery process serves as a motivation to the many people suffering from addiction by giving them hope that all is not lost and that they can still pull themselves out of the obsession and achieve their freedom. The recovery process requires hope, patience, and determination as well as faith and strength as depicted by Russell Brand through his fourteen years before attaining his freedom.

People who have successfully managed to come out of their addiction should assist those who are still struggling to come out it. Addiction is not a disability; through dedication, patience and determination to the recovery process activities that you have to undergo, anyone ready and willing regardless of the level of addiction can come out of it and attain lifetime freedom.

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