How to Memorize Poetry in 7 Simple Steps

If you are planning to present a poem to an audience or just know it by heart, you need to find ways to memorize it. There are many ways in which you can enhance memory some of which include reading aloud and practicing more often. In memorizing a poem, you need to make connection between the stanzas and understand the rhyme scheme used. When reading a poem, there is always a greater cause behind your passion and dedication to read the poem. If it is for performance purposes, then you need to put your best foot forward and work towards being good at it. For entertainment, it is relatable to a song. Since you want to constantly keep remembering the poem due to your own interests, then it is always a pleasure memorizing the poem.

7. Read the poem out aloud

Reading the poem out aloud helps your mind register the actual words you are reciting. As you are reading out aloud, you take note of the rhyme scheme used and the specific words that follow each other. The style of writing a poem is easy to comprehend and once you have grasped the link details between the lines and the stanzas, you will be good to go.

6. Read out more than once a day

For emphasis, you are required to read the poem out aloud more than once. Practice makes perfect and the more you read out the poem aloud, the more you are enhancing your memory. A poem is a story that you can read several times and get comfortable sharing it with others easily. If you read once, that will not help remember the entire poem. As a matter of fact, you may only remember a few wording and probably the first line of the first stanza alone. But as you read more and more, then you are able to memorize the whole poem.

5. What is the rhyme scheme used?

Sometimes having an idea of what the rhyme scheme is helps you memorize the poem easily. For some poems, they have an easy rhyme scheme which is easy to remember. So, to enhance your memorizing skills, you can start with simple poems and work your way up the more difficult ones. But, if you have the heart of leaning the poem word by word, then nothing can stop you from memorizing the poem in the shortest time possible.

4. Be Consistent

As much as you are practicing more than once a day, it is also important to exercise consistency. If you read the poem today, do not wait four days later to read it again. Memorizing something requires that you read often and follow up one day after the other until you have memorized line by line. So, whenever you decide to store something in your brain, you need to go all in and ensure you do your level best to memorize the poem fully.

3. Internalize the poem

Digesting the message of the poem helps you remember it better and clearer. Learning what the poem is talking about and the message it is revealing, then you will be in a better position to memorize it. If you do not understand the words used in the poem and comprehend the storyline, then it will also be hard committing to memory. Your mind works in a calculated manner and you need to feed it the right information so that it can be easier to recite the poem as it should be and deliver the message.

2. Look up words you do not understand 

Not all poems are made up of simple words and sometimes, you may not understand the meaning of the word as used in the context. So, to enhance your memory, you need to understand each word, each phrase and each line of the poem. This enables you to understand the story being portrayed in the poem, making it easier to remember it. Have a dictionary by your side when practicing the poem to help you get unstuck where you do not comprehend.

1. What is the connection between the stanzas of the poem?

Poems have a formal structure which poets follow and once you have understood the style used, it is easier to find the linking points between the stanzas. Sometimes all you need to memorize a poem is the connection that the poet has made hidden in his/her work. If you can decode the link, work on its basis and let it guide you through memorizing the poem stanza by stanza. As you read out the poem aloud, remember to take hints of the tone difference or similarity as you move from one stanza to the next one.

If you want to successfully memorize a poem, you need to be smart enough and figure out certain key qualities that will make your work easier. With these seven simple steps, you can learn how to memorize a poem regardless of its complexity. Be patient while memorizing and keep in mind that to be good at something, you need to give it your time, attention and most importantly, don’t stop till you understood and memorized the whole poem.

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