6 ways in which Poetry Can Increase Your Communication Skills 

Poetry is a good way of enhancing your communication skills as it allows you to work on your listening skills, speech and how well you communicate to people. Poetry has many connections to different communication skills and if well utilized, then it will indefinitely influence those skills for the better or worse of its course. It is supposed to open your mind to different learning and influence how you grasp things and how you reveal them whether by talking or writing. Having incorporated different features in the poem, it helps in widening the learning base and improve on the delivering of communication skills from different perspectives. Whichever side you are on, it is important that you acquire the necessary traits from poetry to boost your communications skills and how you balance between listening and taking action.

6. New ideas and perceptions 

Poetry enhances how you come up with new ideas and your perception of things around you. Poems are mind-openers and they help nourish your brain in different ways which helps in building your cognitive development. As your brain gets used to reading poetry or mixing words together to form an individual poem, the more powerful it becomes. Without the brain, your communication skills would be nothing and you would hardly make conversation or have the ability to write. So, as you feed your brain with poetry, so does it adjust to the new learning and gather some new ideas and perception on real life situations. And the better you can handle them.

5. Enhanced expression of one feelings and thoughts 

Having the ability to express yourself is very important in ensuring you are adding value to your communication skills. Poems are basically someone’s feelings or thoughts put down on paper that tells a story for others to get educated on. So, in that sense, poetry teaches you to express your feelings and thoughts appropriately in the best way you can. It may not be through writing, but you can try various ways in which you can deliver your message home. The more you introduce yourself to poetry, the higher your chances of learning to express yourself better and learn the ways of controlling your feelings as it is therapeutic.

4. Improved listening skills 

Reading poetry helps improve on your listening skills. As you read, your mind listens to the inner voice inside you that is reading thus influencing how good you are at listening. If you have recorded poems that you can play them on various occasions and listen to their content. Since you have an aim of learning something and adopting a new thing in life, poetry will definitely improve your listening skills and indefinitely, your communication skills. Needless say, poetry helps in building your concentration, which is essential when on the receiving end and listening.

3. Appreciation of other people’s poet works 

As lame as it sounds, when you are introduced to poetry, one of the things you will collect is how to appreciate other people’s work. It may not be your intention to venture into poetry as an art or a pass time thing to keep you involved, but it will definitely influence you on that direction. If poetry is your hobby, with time, you will be curious enough to start writing your own poems. The poems will be your way of improving your communication skills as you will be embracing poetry and all its traits. From the poets, you gather their techniques of writing which will inspire you to write like them and create poems in the same manner.

2. Improved vocabulary

When you are dealing with poems, one special guide you should have by your side is a dictionary. Poems have a lot of vocabulary used within the lines of context which will help improve your communication skills. For one, you will be learning new words, their meaning and how to use them in a sentence. The language used by poets is enriched with different learning opportunities and from each stanza, there are a couple of things you can get away with. Even though you are reading for amusement, with a poem at hand, learning is indefinitely in question and so will your communication skills.  

1. Better conversation 

From all the reading you are accustomed to, with time, you will learn to converse better and even handle conversations with a lot of maturity. Depending on how the words have been used and the tone the poet has used, you are able to grasp on how to talk in different situations and can absolutely get engaged in any kind of conversation. Conducting a good conversation is not only based on how well or good your English is. It is all about the communication skills you portray when talking that gives it so much importance and meaning.

Communication skills are important in our day-to-day lives, thus it is important to ensure that we are good at them. Poetry helps improve your communication skills from different angles and with each reading, you are one step ahead of perfecting your ability to converse better and even express yourself in writing. Whatever your main aim is from poetry, one thing is for sure, you will be in a better position when it comes to putting your communication skills into good use.

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