A Man Called Ove: Book Review

Novels written from the heart go further. It can be said that they are written alone, because there are no more limitations for the writer than his desire to keep writing good novels. This is well known by the Swedish writer Fredrik Backman, who brought to the world this interesting story of an old man a little grouchy and face with few friends.

It is from those books that you will not believe that you will like it so much until you start reading it. Its pages are full of literary magic.

Fredrik Backman is a young man who was born in Sweden 36 years ago. His greatest success so far is this wonderful book he wrote in 2012, and which it was produced a film of the same name in the year 2015, very successful and with good reviews by film experts.


Backman takes us into a fictional world where Ove is the protagonist. An elderly widow of 59 years old with much bad temper and which lives in the outskirts of some town in Sweden. He believes that he has the mission to maintain and put order in his neighborhood, which will bring problems with his neighbors, who call him grouchy (not in vain).

Ove is an old man who spends all day grunting and criticizing other people for no apparent reason. He believes that everyone wants to hurt him within his egocentric world, because he does not know the compassion towards the others and judges before knowing them well.

Ove believes that he knows everything and that nobody knows more than he in the world, he looks over his shoulder to others, particularly the young, and demands respect without respecting anyone around him.

But do not let that all these defects make you a bad idea of Ove, because the fact that it is churlish, does not mean that it is not a person of respectable principles, very strict and acceptable for the society. No one turns to think about what may or may not be happening Ove. In addition, Ove’s attitude is not given by his appearance or by a smiling face, because for him the treasure of a person lies in its interior and not in the exterior.

Ove is driven in the outside world by his moved inner world that would make cry to the most hated personage of the surroundings. Inside Ove there are disappointments, sad stories and millions of things that life has taken away, often mockingly. But despite these reasons Ove does not let that put him off and always moves forward.

Ove’s life begins to change

During this interesting story, Ove’s life will begin to change, thanks to a series of circumstances that neither he wanted nor expected. These circumstances will cause our dear old man to begin to take back the faith he had lost on humans.

Likewise, its neighbors begin to know the true Ove. The Ove who resides in his moved inner world. They will also learn that the neighborhood without him would be a duller, less supportive place. It would be a colder place and, albeit a lie, a lot less fun.

Ove’s story will make you laugh and cry at the same time

The way the Backman takes us and interweaves the narration of the current events along with Ove’s past (which allows us to understand why he is so) is very accurate. It is because of that excellent connection that we can efficiently connect with the history of Ove.

When you finish reading it, you want the story to continue

Have you ever read a novel and have loved his story so much that you do not want it to end? That is exactly what will happen to you with this novel. Backman has known how to leave us wanting more, to know more the history of Ove.

When you finish reading it, you will be left with that strange feeling of satisfaction having read a touching story; but at the same time with that feeling of good books: you want the story to continue and not end up that way.


A man named Ove is a simple and honest novel, does not sin of naiveté before the tensest moments of history. It teaches us that we should not judge people only by their appearances and disrespect the old grumpy solitary; which perhaps have a complicated and tragic history of the we do not realize and do not even want to understand.

It’s a very original novel; it has that touch and smell of unique work. Their language and grammar is very current and direct. Backman knew how to build a very well-done story, which does not have a single word missing. His work can read very easily, so that, as we mentioned earlier, it will sadden you to end so soon.

In addition, Beckman wants to make us teach the dangers of judging lightly, because it can become very dangerous and unfair to others. It is a review so we can assess the differences.

We are all different, although some of us seem the same in adopting the role that society imposes on us. We are all different in the end and we are not forced to change by the judgments of others. We all have a good side that we must strengthen and others try to discover.


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