Echo Dot


Echo Dot is the latest addition to the echo products line support by the Amazon. This is the cylinder-shaped device with the voice control computing used to make the connection to Alexa voice services to provide the response to the different activity such as response to the question, weather report, music, news and more.

Echo dot also provides the support to control the small electronic gadgets at your home. The gadgets can be lights, switches, and thermostats. Echo dot offers additional services by connecting the device with the services like Uber, Twitter, and Spotify. The user can enable this device by just saying a keyword “Alexa”. This device supports the seven microphones based on the beam technology. This feature allows echo dot to hear and understand a person sound from anywhere from the room.


Feature of the device

  • Echo spot is a hand free device which can be operated from the anywhere in the room.
  • It has several speakers and microphones support, which makes device advanced.
  • First generation Echo dot supports the LED light. However LED light option is not available in second-generation Echo dot.
  • The upper part of the device has an operative button. This button is used to control the echo dot device.
  • The echo dot supports the AUX audio output and Micro USB option.
  • Inbuilt microphone system support.
  • Button to adjust the volume is given to the light ring.
  • You can operate various electronic products by using Echo dot.

How echo dot works

These are the basic feature of the echo spot. The device usеs off button to keep the microphone shut.  By default, microphone option is set to off. Whenever, you want to start the microphone simply press the designated button. If you want to alter the volume you can do that by clicking on the light ring. While adjusting the volume the light ring color will set to white.

For the echo dot device, you must need to use the power wire and power adapter equal to the 9 watts. To get the adequate power supply you have to avoid the regular charger and power adapter. Whenever Wi-Fi mode turns on the light ring set to the orange color. With each and every process light ring change its colors. When you turn up the microphone the light ring set to red color.


Types of Echo dot

There are three different version of the product available in the market.

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. Amazon echo dot
  3. Amazon echo tap

A standard version of the echo dot is just a full-sized speaker. In amazon echo dot Bluetooth and physical connection from the different devices are allowed. This makes the echo dot very popular device. In the echo tap version, you can get the portable Bluetooth speaker. Each and every version of the echo dot has its own benefits. You can select one as per your needs. Make sure you are taking a decision after comparing all the feature of the devices with each other.


Difference between the three versions

The echo product line has been grown from the last few years. Every year they release the new device with the advanced features. Here is the comparison of three version for better understand their features.

  1. Availability: With the two updated versions echo original is not much available at the retail stores. Amazon tap is only available in the US it’s not available in the UK. Echo dot is available in both UK and US.
  2. Price: Echo original version is the highest prized version as compared with echo tap an echo dot. Echo dot has fewer prizes as compare to the echo original and echo tap.
  3. Dimensions: Echo original is available in 235*83.5*83.5mm and echo tap is available in the size of 59*66*66. Echo dot is the product which has dimension 38*84*84.
  4. Connectivity: Echo original and echo dot support the Bluetooth, dual-band and dual antenna. Echo tap has some additional features that are Bluetooth support and support of 802.11, 802.11m Wi-Fi.
  5. Power: Echo original can plug into wall mounted outlet. Echo tap supports the nine hours long battery life. Echo dot also had wall mounted outlet.
  6. Alexa: Alexa in the echo original is always set to on. In the Amazon tap, Alexa can be set to operative modes as per the requirement. The user needs to touch the mic button to get access to Alexa. In echo dot, Alexa is always inoperative position whenever you listen to music an voice it by default set to the active position.

This was the difference between the various features of the echo product line. You can choose the product after comparing the feature of all products. Except for the previously mentioned product echo product line also has more versions which are Echo show, Echo Plus, Echo spot, Alexa gadget and Echo 2017. Echo 2017 is the latest version that is available in both US and UK. This product supports advanced features like dual-band Wi-Fi support, Power adapter and cable, 2.5 inches woofer and .6 inches tweeter and 802.11 and Bluetooth support. With the wonderful sound experience, all the products of echo product line support casual listening. Echo product range has the best product support. You can choose any of them to get the amazing experience.

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