8 Tips on making your writing more creative


Do you really believe that big words can make your writing more effective? As per the studies done by the Applied Cognitive Psychology it is really not true. According to them, complex writing makes you small minded. Whether you are a reader or writer, less complex writing always works well for all. To show your smartness to the people it is not important to use smart words. You can also present your smart thoughts with the use of simple and clear writing.

If you want to write quality content then you need to practice shorten, delete and rewriting format. To make the content more effective break the writing into three parts:

  • Write the complete content
  • Leave your text for one or two days
  • Edit your content

No one in the world is born perfect. By implementing good writing habits you can at least try to become perfect. Try to apply this process while writing it will definitely improve your writing style.  By practicing the procedure you can make your writing more interesting, informative and appealing. However always make sure you are choosing appropriate words in your writing. The choice of words can represent your knowledge. It is also significant to deliver quality content. Here are some ways to improve your writing skills. These can surely help you to deliver quality content.

  1. Write meaningful sentences: When people have nothing to say they write the sentences which make no sense. It is important to conduct research on the topic and select the content in advance. If you research well then you would not need to write the sentence which is not related to the topic. Always remember reader needs something which is relevant to the topic. Never make the mistake of writing the content which makes sense but delivers nothing.
  2. Write specific: Always try to write specifically.  You should not need to extend your sentence unnecessarily. Unrelated and extra content can affect the quality of the data. Try to be specific and focus on the given areas.
  3. The reader always looks for concise data which can be read easily and should be informative.  When your content is not specific and does not contains important information about the topic. People do not read it.
  4. Choose simple words: Complex words can make the content too complicated. People read content to get the knowledge if every time they have to deal with the complex structure of the content. After some time probably, they would not read your writing. Always use simple and meaningful words to represents your thought. This could make people well understand your topic and content
  5. Write short sentences: Short sentences are easier to read. Readers do not like to read the long sentence. Reason behind it could be complexity and confusion of the long sentences. If you write in short sentences structures. It will make content more clear and readable. Make sure you also make short paragraphs. Long paragraphs make content look clumsy.
  6. Use active voices: Booklovers usually prefers active sentences. The structure of the sentence should be based on the subject-verb and object. Passive voices are commonly not the part of the content. However, sometimes it can use as per the need of the writing.
  7. Keep paragraph short: Have you ever noticed paragraph in the newspapers. They usually follow short paragraph structure which is mostly 6-7 lines long. This is done because our mind can grab the information more quickly if it is broken into smaller pieces. Long paragraphs are difficult to attain and understand.
  8. In academic writing, you can write long paragraphs but casual writing is less formal. In casual writing, you can write any length paragraph. Paragraphs in informal writing can be 2 to 3 lines long. Sometimes it can be a single word.
  9. Eliminate fluffy words: There are some quantities words that do not make much sense in the sentence. These are very, like, rather, instead and though. This type of words can decrease the quality of content and make it more general. You need to substitute worlds whenever you write those in content.
  10. Do not repeat sentences: Probably this is something that is known by every writer. Do not write same content several times.  Your reader might stop reading the content if you repeat yourself again and again. Better to proofread your writing once to check the content of the writing. If you feel like in the data there is some lines have the same meaning that you must update it. Daily practice of proofreading would decrease errors in writing.
  11. Repetitive sentences can only increase the writing count. Avoid overwriting. Overwriting happens when you have too less to say. Make sure your writing is readers centered. Try to write the data which is relevant and meaningful. Always focus on the message you want to deliver to the readers.

All these tips can help you to improve your writing skills. You just need to devote some time to understand the importance of content and content structure. Your writing can only be effective when you focus on all the related aspects. Better to judge yourself before writing for the bookworms. By judging yourself you can actually make the difference. People always like to read write-ups those fulfill the all the criteria of the quality content.

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