How to Win Friends & Influence People Book Summary

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How to Win Friends and Influence People is the most popular book about the self-improvement. Over 15 million copies of the book sold around the world. The book is about the many principals that can help to create the inbound generation system. Here is the summary of the book which can help you to understand major principles defined in the book.

Firstly let’s take an insight look of the book. Here are some things that book offer.

  1. The idea about to explore your thoughts, get out from the mental burden, set new visions and ambitions.
  2. Book provides you help and enables you to make new friends.
  3. It also helps to increase your popularity.
  4. Book will show you with your thought process you can win the heart of people.
  5. It will also help you to increase your ability and influence.
  6. Promote you to get more client, partners, and customers.
  7. It will help you to increase your receiving power.
  8. Helps in to make you better executive or better salesman.
  9. Helps you to keep the human contact smooth and well managed also encourage to handle the problems efficiently.
  10. Make you better speaker.
  11. The book will help you to apply principals of psychology in your daily routine. It helps you to have the accessibility of the principle by making them easy to apply.
  12. Helps to increase the enthusiasm level between the associates.

Part: 1

Now let’s take a look at the summary of the book. This is the first part of the book and focuses on the various techniques to handle the people. It has total three chapters.

  • As the book content, criticism is ineffective and it can make the person defensive and let him justify in every situation.
  • Criticism can be dangerous as it can hurt a person by wounding his pride.
  • Instead of complaining about the people better to understand why they want to do and why they want to do this.
  • So many great leaders do the same one of them was the Abraham Lincoln. He always focused on the point not to criticize anyone.

Chapter 2 of book stressed on that there is only one way to make any person do something. This can describe as letting them do whatever they want to do.

  • People always hungry for the appreciation. Better to appreciate work of other
  • Encouragement and appreciation is the key to productivity.
  • Always be positive and appreciate good work avoid to discover the unnecessary faults.
  • Don’t tell people they are doing well. Better to define what they are doing well. It is always good to discuss things and let the people know that you keep an eye on their upright work.

Chapter 3 focuses on that you should think about the people first. Give weight to their thoughts. Convince the people how a particular task can benefit them. The first and foremost motive is you should understand the perspective of other people.


Part: 2

Chapter 1 represents that if you are genuine with the people you can make friends in just two months. People try to become the good friend even after two years gap. However, if you are good with the people you do not have to wait so long. Usually, people are interested in other when they are actually interested in them. It is a two-way process.

Always say hello to the people in a way that, they should know you are pleased to talk with them. Chapter 2 focuses on the actions, It’s a saying action speaks louder than words. Always spread positivity to the people around you. It is just not you can keep the things up by your physical presence. Even your positivity can be seen through the phone conversation. You need to have a good time with the people if you want to have a good time with them. If you are not happy just pretend to be happy. In some time it will definitely make you happy. Action and feeling always go together. You can act cheerfully and by default, your actions also reflect the feelings.

In chapter 3 of the book states, it is always important to remember the name of the people. In case you do not remember the name people are not going to build the strong relationship with you. Next chapter defines the benefits of becoming a good conversationalist.

Part: 3

Part 3 is all about to avoid the arguments. Most of the people do this mistake and hurt so many people. You should not indulge in the arguments. A misunderstanding cannot be rectified with the argument. Better to avoid them to keep the relationship healthy. You always need to control your temper. Always listen first and give chance to the people to explain their points.

Part: 4

This part of the book is focused on how to become a good leader. Many people follow the criticism. They use to start the sentence with letter but and end up stating a criticizing statement. Here you need to consider your own mistake first before blaming another person for the mistakes. No one likes to take orders from other. Just always talk in a way to explain your viewpoint not to give the order to someone.

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