How to be persuasive

Wanting something is one thing while getting it is another. What matters is what you do to ensure that you are not the loser in this battle. Have you ever gone to purchase your favorite car but found out the price was a little higher than what you had budgeted for? Well, if you ended up getting the car without adding even one buck, you are persuasive.

If you wanted a favor from someone, whether your boss or anyone else but hit a dead end, you need to learn how to be persuasive. This character plays a very critical role for one to be successful in today’s life. If you have been wondering how some people are so persuasive, below are some of the tips that you can apply to enhance your persuasion power.

1. Don’t be manipulative

Persuasion does not equate to manipulation. Being manipulative occurs when you force an individual to do something they are not will to while convincing someone gets them to do something with their interest while at the same time you gain.

2. Do it at the right time

Most people fail terribly during persuasion because their timing is usually not right. You cannot persuade someone to buy school uniform during the festive season as their focus is likely to be on gifts and clothes. Remember time significantly affects the things we want in our lives therefore before you persuade someone, determine whether whatever you are convincing them to do blends well with your timing.

3. Avoid assumptions

Since the good old days, it is said that you should not judge a book by its cover. For you to be persuasive, avoid making assumptions. Offer all that you have to and let the other party make a choice. Take an example of people who make sales. Sometimes they withhold items from customers thinking they might not afford while on the other hand, the customers might be willing to buy.

4. Create a sense of urgency

This might appear confusing, but it really helps. Anytime you want someone to act upon something real quick; you have to express how urgent it is. Otherwise, they will do it when it is too late or even never do it.

5. Scarcity matters

How exactly does this work? Let’s say you are offering products and you want a person to buy. Ensure you show them how difficult it is to get these particular products anywhere else, and they should be glad they finally found them. With this in their mind, they are likely to be persuaded and take action at the end of it all.

6. Communicate clearly

How do you expect to convince someone to do something if you can’t lay out your points, views or ideas in a transparent and clear manner? It does not matter whether you are talking to a kid or an adult, but you must be understandable. This will play a significant role in the decision the person you are persuading will take because they know what you are offering.

7. Do not engage emotions

At some point, there might arise a conflict in the process of persuasion. When this happens, stay collected and withhold your feelings even if the situation is ugly. We all have feelings, but those who know how to keep calm have an added advantage to persuading people.

8. Be confident

Confidence means that you believe in whatever you are doing. If you have this virtue, you can be sure of a promising end. Persuasive people portray confidence, and this automatically attracts those being persuaded therefore they make a decision that will favor you as well.

9. Always tell the truth

Many people love sugarcoating things. For you to be persuasive, you must learn to tell people the truth no matter how hard it is. They say that truth hurts but at some point; it is what you need to come up with decisions.

10. Be prepared

You should familiarize yourself with the people that you expect to interact with. Find out what they like and what they don’t. With this, you will be able to prepare yourself for a fruitful persuasion.

11. Be persistent

No matter how many times you fail, keep pushing. Persuading someone is not usually a bed of roses so even if you end up unlucky, stay focused and let persistence be your motivation.

12. Keep a smile

Smiling might seem somewhat obvious but implement it in your persuasion, and you will not regret. People find it easy to connect when the person they are conversing with has a smile on their face. This is an evidence of positivity that dramatically influences the choices made by whomever you are persuading.

13. It is not all about you

Many people make the mistake of considering their wants and forgetting those of the person they are convincing. This turns out to be a disappointment. What do you expect if the person you are persuading in doesn’t count? Give them a chance to talk, respect their point of view even if it does not favor you.

In conclusion, learning how to be persuasive requires you to get ready for anything. You should be able to convince someone without looking pushy. Although it is not easy, learn this skill and your life will significantly change for the better. Wouldn’t you be happy if you get what you want?

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