How Shakespeare Influences Modern Society


William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor. Moreover, he was one of the greatest writers in the English language. He is also known as “Bard of Avon.” His plays get a celebration in all the theaters of the world. The spirit of this literature is a mother of vocabulary. His footsteps are a great source of inspiration for the oncoming generation. He has a profound influence on literature, theater, language, and other elements of culture. The theater has revolutionized since his first performances. Shakespeare is in everything from contemporary dialogue to orchestrating an audience behavior.

Romantic Romeos-

Catchy lines with a poetic blend is a key to impress a girl. Shakespeare is a dictionary of those catchy lines. His play Romeo and Juliet inspired many lovebirds. Love has made people crazy. In few cases, it has made a way for success. Worst cases include destroying a family in the name of love. However, his work has depicted love is beyond religion, race, and gender.


Shakespeare created around 1700 common words in the English language. Shakespeare’s origin includes champion, elbow, gloomy, puking, blanket, fashionable, swagger, and amazement. He changed nouns to verbs, verbs to adjectives, and created connecting words.

Shakespeare’s plays contributed in standardizing the English language. Samuel Johnson’s English Language Dictionary included words and phrases of this prominent writer. He improvised English literature by new words and phrases. He is also experimenting with blank verse, new poetic and grammatical structures.

Shakespeare united the poetry, verse, and drama. He imparted the variety of highest expressions with language in poetry. His verse stressed on intensity and economy to the language. His drama protected the language from vagueness by infusing vividness and actuality.

Literature and Entertainment-

Macbeth (paranoid regicide), Romeo & Juliet (doomed love) and other greatest plays hit the theatre. They were always an all-time entertainment. Hollywood scriptwriters get inspiration in creating plots and interesting character from his play. The play inspired great actors Olivier for Henry V, Orson Welles for Falstaff. The influence on Paul Robeson for Othello. Macbeth was an inspiration for Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood. Ran, a classic Japanese homage dedicated to King Lear. His plays were an exhibition of violence, composed with loose and episodic plotting. In addition, he mingled it with comedy and tragedy. In King Lear, Shakespeare presented two plots of different origins. Shakespeare’s work is remarkable for its insight into emotion. His themes about the human condition make him most acclaimed than any contemporaries.

Shakespeare dramatic clarity is perfect for opera. Verdi plays had an impact on his plays. West Side Story (Romeo & Juliet) is a masterpiece from Bernstein. Star Trek VI used a phrase ” No traveler returns / the undiscovered a country from whose bourn ” (Hamlet 3.1.79-80). The lines are also part of Los Angeles based brand name, which offers bicycle tours. The bionic skeleton of U.S. Food and Drug Administration demonstrates artificial body. It gets the name Yorick. After “the exhumed skull in Hamlet.” In 1980, another famous economist Greg Mankiw used “Strange Bedfellows” phrase. As the headline for Al Gore and supply- side.

Shakespeare influenced a global level as well. Foreign stages always encountered the special circumstances when performing Shakespeare’s play. To face these consequences, theater artist with only bilingual abilities was employed. As it helped in translating the plays’ dialogue. So that the audience could enjoy the show. This also added to the value of performance, as artists satirized the plot and dialogue. In addition, this led to the different experiences.


Shakespeare’s play is a part of many groups and movements. As soon as the Hitler rose to the power of Chancellor of Germany. The Nazi Party named Shakespeare as A Germanic Writer. The demand for performance of Shakespeare’s play was at peaks in Germany Street. The Hitler haters could also find support from Shakespeare’s works. It influenced Shylock’s speech, a merchant of Venice.


The society echoes with a name such as Simpson, Biel, and Rabbit. The character “Jessica” first appears in his play. Many people named their child after these characters. Even in the street, people get a nickname based on their character or behavior. These series of the name are influenced by Shakespeare’s work. The text Holy Grail of Shakespeare by Sir Thomas More sights understanding the plight of refugees.


Shakespeare has influenced many English poets, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. These romantic poets were in an obsession with self-consciousness. Shakespeare’s writings motivated English poetry of the 1800s. The famous critic George Steiner has named English poetic dramas from Coleridge to Tennyson as “feeble variations on Shakespearean themes.”

Shakespeare has modernized the English with words, expressions, style, and form to the language. Every generation in his Shakespeare’s debt. The whole words pay homage in their day-to-day life. His remarkable phrases are quoted are “a fool’s paradise”; “the game is up”; “dead as a doornail”; and dozens more. These quotes are part of movies, song, and every conversation. He affects the way we express ourselves, and the way we experience and process the world around us.

Despite changing and globalizing English life, language, and culture, he remains an enigma. After 400 years, his work is reflecting on love and hate, war and peace, freedom and tyranny, but the man remains mysterious.

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