Convictions are more dangerous

Than the lies that we hide behind,

It’s like the blind trying to lead

The blind by following the

Directions to intricate road signs,

If our world was a mirror;

Would our world die?

Because our world is a reflection

Of the Way we feel inside,

Convictions are the caterpillar

That’s afraid of evolving into

A butterfly because it’s

Scared to fly,

We are not our convictions,

We are just victims of the illusion

– Nick F. Hawkins

Divine Forces

Time is an illusion that

Is conjured by the

Recognition of our

Own transient earthiness,

However we are all

More than just humans

On a mortal canvas,

We are infinite sprits

With the power to

Beam pass third

Dimensional limits,

We are limitless divine

Forces endowed

In consciousness

– Nick F. Hawkins

Eyes From Heaven

My belief in the day and night

Will never compare to

My belief in her eyes

Reviving my smile

Back to life,

Embodying her presence

With a pair of her presents,

A glance in her eyes

Is a pleasant spiritual investment,

This spiritual investment is

Not of the earth,

It’s heaven sent

– Nick F. Hawkins

You Are Freedom

Words only have the

Power that you offer,

They can break you

Or make you stronger,

They can move you

Backwards or forwards,

Nevertheless the mind

Controls semantic efforts,

Whatever they tell you

Is meaningless compared

To the capacity of your

Mental leverage,

You are the essence of

Freedom within

The earthly vessel

– Nick F. Hawkins

Heart Of The Oceans

Keep your heart

From breaking by

Avoiding people

That hand out

Broken promises,

Love is an endless

Ocean that deserves

Synchronized emotions,

Swim along the currents

Until the waters are motionless,

Be one with the stillness

And feel the tides wither towards

The direction where home is

– Nick F. Hawkins