Passion Of Life

Grounded to the nature

Of completeness,

An inner paradise as a

Separate, introverted entity,

Despair has no chance to

Flourish in my internal equity,

Grazed by bliss of visceral grooming

During the progression of

My well being,

Passion of life flows

Through the ventricles

Of my heart in my

Mortal reality,

Life is love and love

Is the type of life

Worth living as one

Shuffles through this

Cosmic existence of infinity

– Nick F. Hawkins

Diving Into A Sea Of Consciousness

I used to be offended

By misguided judgements

That took control over

My sharp edged days,

I once considered my

Brain as an anxiety cabin

Where pain would dwell

And cease to fade away like

A beehive hanging

Under a summers oak

Tree, hidden between

The dark shade,

I felt abandoned at bay

Until I dove into a

Sea of consciousness where

I left my ego to drift towards

The horizon where the ocean

Kissed the sun rays

– Nick F. Hawkins

Where The Moon Meets

Let’s meet by

The moon light,

The same light

That shines beside

The shore of the

Ocean tides

In the midst

Of the night,

The location that

Divides the beach

From the current

Where the waves


The place where

We first kissed while

The lunar eclipse reflected

From the pupil of your eyes,

I want to meet you where

I discovered how

Transcendently divine

Your vibe is once

Synchronized with mine

– Nick F. Hawkins

Tomorrow’s Blue Moon

If we were to

Cross paths

Before the

Blue moon

It would be

Far too soon,

This cold room

Is not as abominable

Now that you’ve

Flown away on

Your antiquated,

Half broken, lump

Sided broom,

Even though my

Mood changes along

With the phases of

The moon,

The inner retrograde

That lingers internally

Indicates that I’m better

Off without you

– Nick F. Hawkins

Vibrant Woman

The moon stays up

To watch us kiss,

The stars gaze at

Our silhouette as

We ignore all existence

But our own unity and bliss,

The duality in our

Frequency is a cosmic,

Tender gift

Filled with unfamiliar

Treasures buried within

The core of my soul

Next to the piece of

Heaven amongst

Her lips,

After our long passion halts

For a breath…

My mind drifts,

I glance at the moon

To ponder “What a beautiful

Life I live in to deserve

A woman as vibrant as this”

– Nick F. Hawkins