My Love Is A Maze

I like your


But don’t

Wait on me,

It’s dark in my

Facility at the

Moment like

Deep space,

Intrinsically floating

In fast pace,

Sometimes following

My love can be a

Laborious maze

Parted by thorns

From roses sharpened

By razor blades,

You deserve better,

You deserve sunny

Days as a merit instead

Of propping your heart

As an umbrella in

The rain hoping

To see the clouds

Disperse again

– Nick F. Hawkins

Shallow Shadows

I don’t want

To see

Your shadow,

Your silhouette

Reminds me of

Pain that you

Cease to fathom,

My mind drifts

At random,

In the dark

You are a vampire,

A mere phantom,

Your heart fades

Into a patronizing

Smile of a

Jack o lantern,

The events that

Lead to this vision

Was an unsurprising


Nightmares mixed

With cold sweats as

I sleep in a

Heart broken tavern

– Nick F. Hawkins

Discovered Peace

She’s a free

Spirited soul,

She only flows

To the path of where

The wind directs

Her to go,

Her heart is the

Art painted with

Blissful indigo,

No one knows

But I how beautiful

She floats amongst

The divine mind, body,

Soul, and spiritual,

I discovered peace

Along the lines of

Her principles,

These are the reasons

Why I can’t get her out

Of my mental

– Nick F. Hawkins

Painful Thoughts

What happens in the

Mind matters

To the gut,

Memories, Pain and love,

She text me

Asking what happened

To us,

The more she thinks

The more her

Brain rust,

I hate that her

Pain comes

From thinking

So much

– Nick F. Hawkins

Hands Of Truth

Digging deep to

Find the truth inside

Of me,

Analyzing daily

Through my mind

And breath,

Drowning in

A sea of disposition

At profound depth,

Hoping to swim to

Shore where

My disguise was left,

It’s cold but I still

Occupy the want

To take these gloves

Off for that one chance,

Because I’ve discovered that

The deep truth was

Always in my own


– Nick F. Hawkins