Last Winter

Last winter was

The coldest,

I remember how we

Relied on each other’s

Heart beat for heat,

Our Love was deeper

Than the oceans,

Together we cried

Tears that can fill

The seven seas,

Even though we

Survived the winter,

Our Love died

In the middle

Of spring

She’s The Wind

The mellow breeze

Blustering through

Fields of flowers reminds

Me of her lively

Demeanor when

She’s around,

Her voice is a symphony

That triggers a smile

When I’m down,

I feel so alive as if

I resurrected from

6 feet below the ground,

What, when, where, how?

After her text I look up

From my phone in

Confusion as to where

I am now,

Could this be a dream

Or an unorthodox

Thought that

Was randomly found,

What ever trance this is

I don’t ever want to get out

Emotionally Flatlined

Most people are

Emotionally flatlined,

Distant from the

Retrograde that positions

Their stars to align,

Susceptible to drowning

In the waves of

Transient tides,

So much participation

Within the wondering mind,

In search for ones consciousness

Is not hard to find,

Once you realize that we

Are our consciousness

The whole time,

One can revive the

Emotional flatline

By a contrived gratification

Of life,

In order to survive and

Leave strife in indigenous times

Our Love Was A Typo

What if what we had

Was a typo,

An unedited narrative

Written on a piece of

Paper without an eraser,

Life without spell check

Or whiteout lead to chaos

And turmoil,

Did led reframe our


Could writing in pen

Render a syntax in which

Remains loyal,

If only our love story

Was written with a typewriter,

Maybe the ending would have

Turned out to be joyful

Nick F. Hawkins


The Moonlight calms

My mind,

I feel like I’m 7 lightyears

Above earth,

The intrinsic and majestic

Bliss that complements

My vibes,

My consciousness is the

Frequency synced

Yet my flesh is one with

The dirt,

The moonshine is a

Longtime companion of mine,

A friend that will never

Let me down but lift me

To the sky,

I love the moonlight

So much I hope that it’s

My last site before I die

Nick F. Hawkins