Chronological Balance

She says I’m

Stingy with

My time,

Her observations

Are only discovered

When her interest

Is aligned,

How about if

We switch sides,

What if we looked

Deeper into each other’s


What if space is

What kept what

We have alive,

Interpretation of

Chronological balance

Resides in

The dogma of

Resentful eyes

– Nick F. Hawkins

Devil In A Dress

You were trouble,

Everything that

Stood for rebel,

A mile away from

Where the grass

Was greener and subtle,

You were the aching

In the neck,

The chip on the


You were the devil

In a dress that hates

The word forever,

You were a mess,

Truth be told I’m

Going to get something

Off my chest,

You were my mess…

Nick F. Hawkins

Last Glass Of Wine

As I sip wine…

Glasses break

Like promises,

Hearts and roses

Shade into

Blue bonnets,

The painful

Sonnet burning

My soul like the

Tail of a comet,

Mind dark and

Hunted by the

Presence of

The skeletons

In her closet,

It’s hard to

Drink wine

When your

Substance is


– Nick F. Hawkins

Last Winter

Last winter was

The coldest,

I remember how we

Relied on each other’s

Heart beat for heat,

Our Love was deeper

Than the oceans,

Together we cried

Tears that can fill

The seven seas,

Even though we

Survived the winter,

Our Love died

In the middle

Of spring

She’s The Wind

The mellow breeze

Blustering through

Fields of flowers reminds

Me of her lively

Demeanor when

She’s around,

Her voice is a symphony

That triggers a smile

When I’m down,

I feel so alive as if

I resurrected from

6 feet below the ground,

What, when, where, how?

After her text I look up

From my phone in

Confusion as to where

I am now,

Could this be a dream

Or an unorthodox

Thought that

Was randomly found,

What ever trance this is

I don’t ever want to get out