Engage From The Disengaged

My consciousness is

disengaged when energy

is unauthentic,

The moment is an

Integral national


Stop, think, listen,

Beam with me

In our frequency

To float with the


Unite and conjure,

Engage the dialogue

That connects us together

– Nick The Writer


Unconscious shackles

Keep us slaved,

Politicians are the tag of

Americas shame,

Societies chains are the

Wall that’s built to keep

Us away from constant

Love and faith,

We need change


I used to see the universe within the glare of her eyes

I would have torn the clouds out the sky for her

Slowly there weren’t any clouds left in the sky and the galaxies started squeezing tight

The eyes I stared into began closing as we wandered farther into the night

The good times we had were just a memory

Our words lost meaning like a bird with no wings

The frequency our souls mutually designed burnt into a pile of misery

I started noticing what she saw in my universe

She thought smaller of my essence

There was nothing left in the reality of my presents

I can remember how the symphony of our love being the most vibrant

Somehow the music in you was my favorite

The truth is, what ever I saw in you was just a hallucination

The glare in your eyes were an illusion

– Nick The Writer

Unfamiliar Picture Frame

The next chapter from now you will be in a new space

mentally, financially, spiritually, your reality will be in a unfamiliar picture frame

Don’t stop growing

Your inner truth is the water to your seeds and a closure for your brain

Don’t stop knowing

The intuitive eye your pineal gland holds, is the ticket to the next chakra powered train

What ever you do, don’t stop

The prologue is still introducing the next page

The page of your picture frame

– Nick The Writer

Normal And Strange

A conventional community cultivated curiously over what is ordinary

Can we demonstrate the difference between normal and strange

Should we trust the dictionary

Why do we believe that we must be copy cats to be labeled as sane

Retrospectively focusing on the people that are legendary

I’ve notice none of those individuals were the same

So being like someone else is never mandatory

In reality, there’s a thin line between normal and strange

– Nick The Writer