Blissful Landscape

Her smile is the landscape

Of my blissful consciousness,

The paradigm that carries

My disposition like a harness,

Reading the stories

From the book of her soul,

Each page catered with

Devotion, as if our dialogue

Were to be labeled as an intricate,

United oath,

Eyes are windows that

Express internal growth,

When I stare into her pupil

I feel her shades, emotions and tones,

Her smile is the blissful landscape

In my reality,

A reality that others

Will cease to ever know,

I’m awake yet I smile

With my eyes closed…

Nick F. Hawkins

Gloomy Sunsets

Her goodbye kisses

Are gloomy sunsets,

My heart beats slower

In my chest,

These legs run faster

As I sink into infinite space,

She used to hold my

Prayers along with my curses,

Frequency burnt into the state

Of the ambiguous,

Timeless anguish,

It’s amazing how we can argue

Yet not speak the same language,

What was there has now vanished,

The past that was a present

Is now tarnished

– Nick Hawkins

Your Laughter

Addicted to the frequency that

Your laughter brings,

The paramount element

Devoted to unity,

Meticulous feelings

Lost without meaning,

Making our way through life

As conscious beings,

Lifting weight off each others

Shoulders casting a virtuous spell,

Your laughter is the key to

My happiness,

An unlimited warmth that

Continues to prevail

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Breathless Moon

The progress of the moon

Creates my inner piece

My freedom that bleeds

Is the empirical part of me

I can see the universe

Within my eyes while closed

My journey is with the comets

Complimenting constitutional cosmos

Being on this voyage

Keeps me sane

Removed from ancient sorrows

I need the moon to breath

To escape until tomorrow

– Nick Hawkins

Treasured Flowers

Conjure the moment

Into blooming flowers,

Blowing in the wind

Like our vibrant encounters,

Stomach my words

As I digest your beauty,

Gaze into my eyes and

And taste my thoughts profusely,

A lick of time is the essence,

A kiss of devotion

Amongst your presents,

Flying Doves are the soundtrack

Of our confessions,

Talk to me without words,

Speak to me in body language,

Be the horizon

To my point of vantage,

I found love like a lost treasure,

The flowers blooming

Is the story of my pleasure

– Nicholas F Hawkins