I want to taste her beignets as if it’s my last day

I’ve never witnessed such a euphoric state as I cleaned my plate

A New Orleans flair mixed with an old antiquated grace

Her spices match the tastebuds that my tongue declares to embrace

If only she can witness the expressions on my face

Her beignets are the best cuisine that I’ve ever ate

– Nick The Writer

Nation Under Fire

This place is covered in fire

Pure judgment is rare

The cause of this hatred cypher

Burning from an antiquated desire

What happened to this land

When did our passion retire

This wasn’t part of the plan

I can feel the flames squeezing us tighter

Noway out of this blazing trance

What was once a nation under God, is now a nation under fire

– Nick The Writer

A Decadent Pain

I have to revaluate the part of me that I gave

The portion of me that stayed, kept me from chasing the pieces of you that I craved

I remember being with you not wanting to leave my room

Malleable and slaved

My soul was complacent, a basic stigma that led me to doom

Compatible with the mundane

I was a dead flower that was too tarnished to bloom

A decadent pain

My room turned into a dungeon on the dark side of the moon

Where I prayed that the part of me that I gave could be replaced

You Are Yesterday’s Eclipse

Our cosmos is an infinite candle lit by the mystery of space

The eclipse reminds me of our bright and dark days

I had an epiphany from the sun rays

Reminiscing how the moon once witnessed the love we made

Time of the shade means nothing compared to the light that illuminates our faith

I want our lips to touch again like when the sun caressed the moon yesterday

I’m Her Moon

If I died a million deaths

she will resuscitate me a million and one times to give me breath

Time will tell what she truly poses

Because she wears her heart on her sleeve instead of in her chest

As long as she’s by my side

I will forever stay alive

She’s the light to my sun rise

I’m the moon to her ocean tides

– Nick The Writer