The Souls Canvas

There’s a limitless universe

On the other side of

Every mind and perception,

The mirror gets clearer as we view

Our darkness as the secret weapon

To discover the journey that strengthens

Our will to reach our personal heaven,

Failures and mishaps are our

Intrinsic lessons that are rooted by

Our path of true essence,

Paint the destiny of your

Souls canvas,

We are all spiritual artist

-Nick F. Hawkins

My Soul Is A Universe

I’ve discovered salvation

From my own universe

And self manifested nations,

My soul is filled with sensations

That can only be created by

The trust that I’ve stationed

Deep within my complacent,

Spiritual cravings,

I left the storms in the ancient

Where the pain is vacant,

I was asleep but now I’ve

Awakened because life

Is truly what you make it

– Nick F. Hawkins

She Is A Symphony

Her love is as

Mysterious as the

Vatican archives,

Yet her spirits blossomed

A silhouette of passion

Through her melodic vibes,

Each motion liberated a

Symphony in her grace,

She is a living and breathing

Totem of peace waiting

To be passionately embraced

– Nick F. Hawkins

Her Sentiments

Her mind is as delicious

As her champagne kisses

In the midst of the

Sun sets visits,

When her eyes twinkle

Life is simple yet blissful

In the presents of

Her sentiments,

She’s the breeze in the wind

And heaven sent,

The seasons blend to

Her temperament amongst

The earths elements

– Nick F. Hawkin

My Own Light

Losing gravity is my

Secret weapon,

My magic Teflon Against

Diplomatic tension,

None resistance to

Others convictions,

Mindful pensions,

Or asinine opinions,

My tree of wisdom grew

To a beanstalk full

Of consciousness,

I’ve created my own

Light through

Societies darkness

– Nick F. Hawkins