Majestic Essence

Divine frequency

perpetually plants the seeds

Needed for the Nirvana I cherish,

My parachute seized to parish,

Nevertheless blessings from the

Elements became heaven sent

As my spirits flourish,

I can feel the connection,

I can sense divine aura as

My bubble of supreme protection

From any detrimental presence,

The more I cherish these blessings,

The closer I connect to the infinite

Lessons that beams majestic essence

– Nick F. Hawkins

This Train

Language is never the station

Where we shall leave this train,

Words will never proceed

The elements of

Love, and pain,

Emotion keeps the Locomotive

In motion throughout the

Moments when the rails

Wither and tarnish,

The type of motion that

Words can never harness,

The type of emotion

That derails the courage

To let this train coast

And flourish once

The engine worsens,

All we need is spiritual

Stillness to keep

This train going

– Nick F. Hawkins

Soul Batteries

The power of balance

Is the battery that ignites

My spiritual compass to

Guide me in the direction

Of infinite prosperity,

As above so below the

Sounds of

Transcendental melodies,

As below so above my

Seven principles of clarity,

I see the light yet blind

To the realms of disparity,

I’ve discovered the balance within

The compass that is powered

By the vibrations of

My souls batteries

– Nick F. Hawkins

The Lost Art of Love

Somehow true love

Became a misplaced art,

It comes and goes

Just as the sun

And day departs,

What was once the

Driving nature of

Human kind,

Slowly shifted into

The dusty old painting

Shoved along the corner

In the dark,

Love isn’t what exhaust

The heart,

It’s the lack of faith

That we placed before

We gave love a chance

From the start

– Nick F. Hawkins

External Monsters

I found wisdom on the road

Of understanding others,

Yet I’ve discovered enlightenment

On the journey of knowing

My true colors,

The self behind the daily mask

That society hands me

Once I arise from

My routine slumber,

I’ve awakened and

Now the entire

Universe surrenders,

I’ve came,

I saw,

And I viscously conquered

The external monsters

– Nick F. Hawkins