The oceans call my name 
There’s something in the water 
I feel an obligation amongst the currents to participate in an amorous game 
If the edge of the horizon rises, my heart beats softer 
Yet my disposition cease to change 
Wishes are granted like a genie in a bottle 
And the chills in my psyche maintain an eccentric frame 
Every wave takes me to a bliss nevertheless, my anguish is altered 
To swim right or left in the rain 
My options keep me sane 


Frequency And Languages 

Your body speaks my language 
Asking me to kiss you in different places 
Embracing your frequency through midnight 
Holding you at dawn in obscure phases 
Your smile is contagious 
I see you and think, how did you come to be so radiant 
Every moment of speech carries intellect 
Refreshing perspectives 
Entering the corridors of each other’s universe 
Ravishing images created by words 
Your body speaks a narrative to me but your frequency wants to be heard 


Once The Sun Goes Down 

I know about the other side of the moon 
A place where conformity is immoral 
Mass populated by rebels of the new world order 
Tyranny screams for hell to freeze violently over 
Ignorance was always blissful until the bliss blew its cover 
Where are we now 
This is no longer our town 
Ever since our king left we’ve been forced to be led by a clown 
So this what happens what’s the sun goes down 

2 Doves

I can be one with you and speak while listening in complete silence 
Our chemistry is a cherished, romantic science jubilated with kindness 
You’re my favorite kind of night amongst the dark skies 
You’re the moon to my ocean tides when my spirits die 
The climax of your body heats up my mood
Infatuated with your curves, I crave for your seasoned foods 
I want to kiss you gently to sleep when I’m done with you 
Two doves in a comma 
Eager to be resurrected 
Our intimate myths grow to be our most prideful confessions 

All She Wants Is Love 

The oceans understand her wants and needs 
She breathes oxygen from forest leaves 
Her mutual togetherness with earth is a flower blossoming 
No one knows the treasure she keeps 
The spiritual commodity that’s spent on peace 
Divine integrity is the soundtrack of her personality 
Don’t take her for granted 
She’s now more potent and maintains graceful standards 
She’s the second pair of footsteps that can guide you through the sand 
All she wants is love to be reciprocated because you can count on her with both hands 
Mother Nature is your friend