Mountains Oceans And Moon 

I can’t see the mountains like I used to
I’m not going to spend another minute trying to figure out why 
Not another rhythm in my mind 
I drift to another pattern in my life 
This atmosphere has changed 
Options are wide and keep me sane 
The sounds I hear put a toll on me 
I view the third dimension in pixels of gray 
Rationalizing any antic would be mundane 
I’m gone and never coming back 
Time is passing me by and you can see it in my face 
I want my wings to grow faster 
Soaring through my own realm of consciousness 
Free through spirits within me 
The mountains are now far yet the oceans poor into my soul and lift me to the moon 


My 3rd Eye Prevails 

I’m not scared to fall 
My 3rd eye sees through your vindictive walls 
Your past is a catalyst for the present moments that you dwell 
If I stay any longer that energy will broaden and prevail 
If it rains and hails 
It will reign in hell 
I can no longer comfort you 
My attentions are vacuous to your emotions 
These patters and notions 
My internal autonomy 
Our antiquity anatomy 
I must go and leave you in the ancient 


I’m forced to find another treasure to tame me 

Standing In The Dark 

Don’t stand there behind me 
I got some demons telling me they’re going to find me 
Looking me in my face you’ll see I found a replacement 
You were just a faze from a dream I was chasing 
The darkness probably won’t locate my where abouts 
My feet are on the ground with a new pure soul in my house 

The Picture Frame 

Your picture reminds me that I want to see you 
Knowing that I’ll never again attempt to 
Never forgetting the baggage that you brought with you 
I don’t want to hurt you 
I’ll never want to love you like I did when I was a fool 
When will I see you again 
This rhetorical question that rewinds in my brain 
Your name 
Replays over and over in a picture frame 

The Storm Comes 

The storm is real 
This storm wears a red dress and heels 
The storm comes 
The storm goes 
There’s no telling rather the weather slows 
The storm is cold 
There’s a slight chance of snow