The Picture Frame 

Your picture reminds me that I want to see you 
Knowing that I’ll never again attempt to 
Never forgetting the baggage that you brought with you 
I don’t want to hurt you 
I’ll never want to love you like I did when I was a fool 
When will I see you again 
This rhetorical question that rewinds in my brain 
Your name 
Replays over and over in a picture frame 

The Storm Comes 

The storm is real 
This storm wears a red dress and heels 
The storm comes 
The storm goes 
There’s no telling rather the weather slows 
The storm is cold 
There’s a slight chance of snow 

Abandoned House 

The last thing you need is love from me
The last thing I bleed is your tears on my chest 
It’s hard to find the answers when our atmosphere is vexed 
The struggle of finding common ground in a unwanted jungle 
Your thoughts and consciousness are thunder storms hoping for freedom 
I can’t guide you to the rising sun 
I’ve lost the concept of what we had
Let’s just agree to leave the abandoned mess we call love in the past  

Abstract People 

The breeze in the wind blowing like sin
Heart of a king sleeping in the lions den 
Abstract unauthentic people want to be friends 
I rather keep my enemies closer 
Diversions of posers 
Watching while tension strides closer 
I wish my home was a cloud so I could see the whole puzzle 

Love Ambition 

I do it for the love ambition 

The ambition of loving the one I love till the ending 

The only one I ever loved from the beginning

Every moment is the passion of innovating the past patience and waiting

The thinking long nights and saving 

Saving that special kiss for that special girl that’s part of me

In my heart which forms my nirvana intrinsically 

Hoping thinking and wishing that she’s missing me Relentlessly 

Wanting and looking forward to the moment of her kissing me

 She is the sun to my horizon 

And when she’s gone I have a missing oregon 

In my eyes she’s right even when wrong the angel to a heavenly song that’s moves the earth next to kingdom come 

 Still thinking hoping and wishing

These are the conclusions on how she is my love ambition