Her And I Race 

The blood rush is my favorite race 
The only race that I’m ok with winning 2nd place 
My opponent and I face to face 
Contemplate for trophy sake 
I came 2nd place but I’m feeling great
I’m a good sport maybe I’ll lose again like I lost yesterday  

Any Home Is Now My Home 

The good attentions aren’t obvious 
Learning the road perplexes a curious ride 
How long does her vanity linger around after she leaves my side 
Who knew the good old days would be just 2 days ago 
I remember feeling free as the summertime 
Scorching heated conversations digressed the passion in the dynamics 
I’m standing but can’t stand it 
Plans that I am planning were never part of the plan 
I find myself to be a new stone 
A rolling stone 
After I drift as I changed my inner self the true cover is blown 
Every soul that i now tarnish follows my one I leave to the road  
No longer the being I was before 
I’m now the charming rebel that turns their energy into my current home 

Blame Game 

Flipping the script is your curse 
The blame you hide in your purse 
The empty bottles of rum on the floor
She doesn’t even know why she’s here for
Her mind zones as she switch lanes 
She gave all the power to one person now that person is the blame  

My Own Jungle 

The wind levitates me
Life doesn’t get me high as what life has to offer 
 I don’t see problems I only see lessons learned 
Sadness is forever submerged in a coffin
The souls that bring down my spirits aren’t ever conjured 
I am the present not past or future 
There is no such thing a burning in pain in the now 
For I am a king in my own jungle 

Breath Of Nirvana 

Focused on breath
 I’m now in the moment of ones self 
My health is one with my potential 
Societies acceptance is nonexistent 
It’s only about I and the loved ones in my dimensions
I talk to the heavens 
Only nirvana listens 
Only nirvana sparkles and glistens 
I dream while sleeping next to the cousin of death 
I’m free but what much else is left
My energy is synergy running through a dark Forrest by myself