7 Seas 

Surrounded by wilderness The wolves came out to eat 

The fear that lies beneath 

The pain that constantly breathes 

True love is a mask 

Dignity smoked into ash 

What was once radiant is now the past 

Is there more 

Will there be 

If not then sail the 7 seas


I know there is another alternative I live and see what I use to be

My walk, my looks, my speech 

I was once conformed 

I was once not free

I was once was a bug 

I was just a worm in the tree

Dodging birds fleeing growth 

Avoiding pain 

The conscious secede to know 

I’ve returned from the cold 

Living in burning dungeons  

Mysterious strangers come and go 

Temporary pleasure plummets

Ever lasting orogen speaks dishonestly 

The reflection is unrecognizable 

Dimensions congruently liable    

The life changes as life lives

The proof that there are other alternatives   


My vision is joy
The gratitude from magnitude 
Unrestrained from the lies they want me to be 
Health in my mind and strength from my two feet 
Inner peace synced with the smile I bring 
I’m a bird I’m free was once trapped and now I flee 
This life I breath is the now and all that I see 
All I can be is me and that person in the mirror is all I need 
Acceptance is the treasure from my conscious 
Passion intoned purpose 
Open heart from the closed curtains 
I love to love I love to live I love to laugh because life’s worth it 

The Dying Tree 

Stillness speaks to the lonely tree by the street 
The wind blows but listens deep
The world has assassinated his leaves and the leaves are now deceased
Once was free now nowhere to be 
Here he stands internally bleeding as his heart leaks 
Human nature was once part of Mother Nature yet now on a killing spree 
The lonely tree yells why… why must this happen to me 
I’m now gray when I used to be green 
Decomposition no longer can support my struggle 
Then the lonely tree remembers there is always a tomorrow 

My Spirit 

There’s something internally free
My spirit lifts with positivity 

Love and gratitude 

Joyful magnified attitude 

The sun shines over any darkness 

Gravity as my harness 

They are the definition of I

They are the loved ones in my eyes 

I see pillowed clouds and bright skies 

This life can’t be taken even after I die 

Because I’m free internally at an infinite hight