The Feeling of The Elements

Taking advantage of

Being planted on

This planet before this

Vessel sinks and Parrish

And my existence starts

To vanish,

My consciousness continues

To follow the standards of

The enlightened to disperse

From the lost and damage,

My soul whispers divinity

In the most transcendental

Language to protect me

From being stranded by the

Pain that I was handed,

I feel the earth in my


I feel the breath of the elements,

I’m one with the infinite universe,

I’m one with my home,

The reverence of majestic presence,

I’m the seed of the planet where

I’ve been planted,

The feeling was delivered by the sky,

The feeling is heaven sent

– Nick F. Hawkins

Emotions On Mars

I left my emotions on Mars,

I can feel us drifting apart

The deeper I float through

The dark,

Deep space seems to be as

Deep as these scars,

These scars start to make

Breathing a lost art,

Gasping for breath

Amongst the stars,

I left you a map with

The directions to Mars,

Just Incase you were looking

For the place where I placed

My heart

– Nick F. Hawkins

The Rivers

Divine presence is anesthesia for

For my soul,

My soul is the river that flows even

In the cold when it’s 32 below,

Below my cerebral roads where

I deplete the voices of my ego

I continue to row this mental

Sailboat along the tides

Amongst the waters of growth,

This river of consciousness keeps

Me afloat,

Staying afloat is a miracle,

A miracle that births hope,

Hope is a trail that is invisible,

Yet this invisible trail is the

Life long path that I coast

-Nick F. Hawkins

Infinite Light

Let the light enter

Your soul through

The vessels hidden

Beneath your scars,

Find the light centralized

Between the constellations

Amidst the stars,

You are the light that enters

The deep trenches of your scars,

You are the constellations,

You are the stars

– Nick F. Hawkins

Tunnel Vision

Exercising supreme focus

Within the moments

Will sweat out all of the

Problems and troubles

Of the day,

Living along the River banks

Of dreams to maintain

The mental flames that

Burns my internal chaos into

Submission amidst the

Ashes of the neurological

Land scape,

Supreme focus is the

Tunnel vision that

Keeps me sane,

This tunnel is the

Path that my soul

Craves to take

– Nick F. Hawkins