My Soul Is A Universe

I’ve discovered salvation

From my own universe

And self manifested nations,

My soul is filled with sensations

That can only be created by

The trust that I’ve stationed

Deep within my complacent,

Spiritual cravings,

I left the storms in the ancient

Where the pain is vacant,

I was asleep but now I’ve

Awakened because life

Is truly what you make it

– Nick F. Hawkins

We Are Love

We can create the magic

That reality would never render,

Deeper then these flesh puppets

That we occupy as

Physically linear figures,

Hatching substance is the trigger

To the fire burning within the

Canvas of the bigger picture,

A fire that lingers until

We escape the smoke and

Broken mirrors,

We are the living adult

With the inner child that

Survived and never surrendered,

We are love,

We are deity’s made heroes

– Nick F. Hawkins

Follow The Light

Consciousness is a flashlight

Cutting through the fog

To see what’s ahead

Through limited vision,

Monitoring the steps while

Focusing on each moment

In the state of nonresistance,

Feeling for the path intrinsically

Yet understanding the mission

Regardless of the distance,

Surrendering to the senses

To avoid the deep dark trenches,

Because at times we remember

To see but forget to listen

– Nick F. Hawkins

Calm As Water

You are the ocean

Yet you are the ripples,

You are the waves that

Sparkle amongst great depth

In crystal after

The waters wither,

No matter how vast the

Universe seems to be,

You remain serene in

The sea Of purity,

Once the breeze brakes

And the sun slowly sinks,

It’s just you, casting the

Beauty that makes

Mother Earth sing

Nick F. Hawkins

The Minds Eye

I can see the light

Upon closed eyes,

Emanating who I truly am

Through divine signs,

Signs of letting go amidst

The survival from ego

And the violent roaring shores

That retrospectively drowned my hope,

Nevertheless granted the powers

Of equal perception as seagulls,

Birds eye view of my life

With an elevation of mind

And the inhalation Of time,

The air I breathe is finally mines,

Focusing on the light

With my minds eye

– Nick F. Hawkins