Convictions are more dangerous

Than the lies that we hide behind,

It’s like the blind trying to lead

The blind by following the

Directions to intricate road signs,

If our world was a mirror;

Would our world die?

Because our world is a reflection

Of the Way we feel inside,

Convictions are the caterpillar

That’s afraid of evolving into

A butterfly because it’s

Scared to fly,

We are not our convictions,

We are just victims of the illusion

– Nick F. Hawkins

The Minds Eye

I can see the light

Upon closed eyes,

Emanating who I truly am

Through divine signs,

Signs of letting go amidst

The survival from ego

And the violent roaring shores

That retrospectively drowned my hope,

Nevertheless granted the powers

Of equal perception as seagulls,

Birds eye view of my life

With an elevation of mind

And the inhalation Of time,

The air I breathe is finally mines,

Focusing on the light

With my minds eye

– Nick F. Hawkins

The Abyss

Awareness of spiritual violence

Is integral for domestic peace,

A piece of stoic energy leads

To a frequency of

The most composed,

One eye open yet both

Eyes closed protects the

Spirit from external chaos

That can penetrate the soul,

Believe in the power of internal


Know the wealth of

Eternal nirvana amongst

The infinite abyss

– Nick F. Hawkins

What Is This ?

Is this a planet or a dogmatic

Company floating in deep space

Controlled by material reign,

Toxic rain drips down my

Window pane as I think

Of societies pain,

My heart beats in vain

As my roots revive from

My soul to my veins,

Sending signals to my Brain

To lead the masses to a

Great escape,

To disperse from the despair

That left us drowning deeper

Than the Great Lakes,

To a place with more substance

Than this floating company

In deep space

– Nick F. Hawkins


Presence is a commodity

That the richest man

Could never buy,

The ultimate present of time

Are the pleasant memories

That stroll by,

Bask in the serenity of life,

Baskets of flashbacks inclines

As negative vibes demise

Amidst the purple sea

Of sublime dreams

And shallow tides,

Free as butterflies after

Metamorphosis arise,

Presence keeps wisdom

Within the wise just as

Wings keep birds in

The sky while the moon

Keeps the earth occupied

Throughout the night

Until the sun arise

– Nick F. Hawkins