My Queen

Under purple clouds

The world is a

Beautiful woman

With fine curves,

The most Devine

Words couldn’t even

Describe her,

Purifying my soul

As I dive deep into

Her waters,

I would never

Disrespect the earth

Because my mother

Taught me how to

Properly treat a girl,

The world is my queen

And deity,

I can feel her spirit

In the breeze,

Amidst the wind I

Am free

– Nick F. Hawkins


I’ve been on a mission

To uplift my wisdom,

One thousand multicolored

Lotus pedals surrounds

My third vision,

As I meditate I escape

Out of every mental prison,

The sage burns softly

While the clouds

Convert to crimson,

My third vision is

The foundation to

My wisdom,

It takes silence

To truly listen amongst

The darkness where

I strengthen my vision

– Nick F. Hawkins


Grounded to the nature

Of completeness,

An inner paradise as a

Separate, introverted entity,

Despair has no chance to

Flourish in my internal equity,

Grazed by bliss of visceral grooming

During the progression of

My well being,

Passion of life flows

Through the ventricles

Of my heart in my

Mortal reality,

Life is love and love

Is the type of life

Worth living as one

Shuffles through this

Cosmic existence of infinity

– Nick F. Hawkins

My brain

This complex brain

Meets demanding challenges,

At times I feel unaware

And consciously absent

While broken down into

Pieces of fragments,

Nevertheless my brain

Builds an extra lane

To drive me into

A highway of sanity,

I’m thankful for my brain

For rationalizing my

Puzzle piece

Into humanity

– Nick F. Hawkins

We Are Alchemist

Contemporary societal habits create

Illusions in my cerebral cortex,

This matrix strives from

Sunken theatrics,

If we individually cut ourselves

From the Cloth of alternative fabrics

We can awaken from this

Current status of sleeping

On the universal

Unconscious mattress,

The path to galvanize

As a united truth is to

Love each other out

Of this madness,

We have more power

Then the elite

And their insolence,

We are bigger then

Political diversions and

Digital magnets,

We are alchemist

– Nick F. Hawkins