Through the third eye I

Realize the perception of

Life is relative to the individuals sight,

As if paradise is a pair of dice

Hoping to paralyze the pair

Of lies that lies within the mind,

Paraphrasing the size of the

Negative voices in the cerebral cortex

Where our ego resides,

Where the ego demise and dies

To make room for consciousness to thrive,

The most paramount time is the moment

Where we awaken in these confusing

Times when the mercury retrograde

Takes the wheel and leaves our sanity behind,

We have power to fly as long as

We continue to follow the light

-Nick F. Hawkins

The Lost Art of Love

Somehow true love

Became a misplaced art,

It comes and goes

Just as the sun

And day departs,

What was once the

Driving nature of

Human kind,

Slowly shifted into

The dusty old painting

Shoved along the corner

In the dark,

Love isn’t what exhaust

The heart,

It’s the lack of faith

That we placed before

We gave love a chance

From the start

– Nick F. Hawkins

Emotions On Mars

I left my emotions on Mars,

I can feel us drifting apart

The deeper I float through

The dark,

Deep space seems to be as

Deep as these scars,

These scars start to make

Breathing a lost art,

Gasping for breath

Amongst the stars,

I left you a map with

The directions to Mars,

Just Incase you were looking

For the place where I placed

My heart

– Nick F. Hawkins

The Rivers

Divine presence is anesthesia for

For my soul,

My soul is the river that flows even

In the cold when it’s 32 below,

Below my cerebral roads where

I deplete the voices of my ego

I continue to row this mental

Sailboat along the tides

Amongst the waters of growth,

This river of consciousness keeps

Me afloat,

Staying afloat is a miracle,

A miracle that births hope,

Hope is a trail that is invisible,

Yet this invisible trail is the

Life long path that I coast

-Nick F. Hawkins

Those Eyes

All can be resolved

Within the corridors

Of those eyes,

New realms are realized

Like the wings of

Butterflies after the

First communion

With the sky,

Those eyes are

My souls allies,

My mind elects to

Render each eye

Contact that her

Eyes supply,

I’m subjected to

The paramount gaze

That she chimes as if

Our mutual planets align,

Her gaze is paradise

– Nick F. Hawkins