Her Doubts

There can be doubt that

The stars are made of fire,

However there is no doubt

That the stars in your eyes

Lights my soul on fire

Full of desire,

You can lack belief in the

Sun crossing the sky

Day by day,

But never stray away from

The fact that your love

Births faith in my horizons

When my clouds are gray,

No matter how you receive

My admiration,

Just know that you are the waves

And tides to my seven seas

And oceans

– Nick F. Hawkins

My Queen

Under purple clouds

The world is a

Beautiful woman

With fine curves,

The most Devine

Words couldn’t even

Describe her,

Purifying my soul

As I dive deep into

Her waters,

I would never

Disrespect the earth

Because my mother

Taught me how to

Properly treat a girl,

The world is my queen

And deity,

I can feel her spirit

In the breeze,

Amidst the wind I

Am free

– Nick F. Hawkins


She puts on foundation

After she lost

Her foundation,

So I place roses on her

Pillow cases to show her that

She’s the foundation to

The gravity of my

Intergalactic space station,

Life’s phases might change us,

Yet life’s changes won’t phase us

– Nick F. Hawkins

Queen Of Hearts

The pulse of pounding waves

In the throbbing sea

Against the moon

Of my heart; reminds

Me of the timeline of

Our first kiss digressing

To the moment that

We drifted apart,

The loudest silence

Of our duality standing

Between the trenches of

Confused darkness and

The art of our intimate

Deck of cards; royal flushed

Without a trace of the truth

And the reasons why

We had to depart

– Nick F. Hawkins

Be My Queen

Be my Nefertiti,

The queen to my

Unorthodox city,

I want you to be

My endless theory

That fills my frequency

With royal Reality along

With intimate tendencies,

Be the chakra that aligns

My vibrations evenly,

Your beauty and intellect

Is ever so captivating,

I must have your energy

In my sacred embassy

– Nick F. Hawkins