Cosmic Army

Bad vibes makes

My energy soggy,

Mind cloudy and

Trust foggy,

Until I awaken the

Kundalini serpent

From my spiritually

Flourished body as if

My consciousness drunk

A barrel of divine

Brewed coffee,

Bad vibes come and go

Like the wind yet

It will never stop me,

For I am a one man,

Cosmic army

– Nick F. Hawkins


I’ve been on a mission

To uplift my wisdom,

One thousand multicolored

Lotus pedals surrounds

My third vision,

As I meditate I escape

Out of every mental prison,

The sage burns softly

While the clouds

Convert to crimson,

My third vision is

The foundation to

My wisdom,

It takes silence

To truly listen amongst

The darkness where

I strengthen my vision

– Nick F. Hawkins

We Are Alchemist

Contemporary societal habits create

Illusions in my cerebral cortex,

This matrix strives from

Sunken theatrics,

If we individually cut ourselves

From the Cloth of alternative fabrics

We can awaken from this

Current status of sleeping

On the universal

Unconscious mattress,

The path to galvanize

As a united truth is to

Love each other out

Of this madness,

We have more power

Then the elite

And their insolence,

We are bigger then

Political diversions and

Digital magnets,

We are alchemist

– Nick F. Hawkins

Mixed Signals

Negative people give

Me mixed signals,

Everything that twinkles

With bells and whistles aren’t

Always healthy symbols,

I find resurgence within

Meditation crystals to

Escape from the illusions

Of this chaotic third dimension,

Mixed signals blend in

To a bigger picture,

The construction of

My pineal glands build

As my visions assemble

– Nick F. Hawkins

My Scientific Method

The ethics of

My conscious metrics

Is expressed in forms

Of scientific methods,

Observing, constructing

And concluding the basics

Of my dualistic leverage,

Unite and synchronize with

My frequency so we can gain

Chemistry past the anatomy basis,

Become my freedom without limits

Amongst our coexisting oasis

– Nick F. Hawkins