Grounded to the nature

Of completeness,

An inner paradise as a

Separate, introverted entity,

Despair has no chance to

Flourish in my internal equity,

Grazed by bliss of visceral grooming

During the progression of

My well being,

Passion of life flows

Through the ventricles

Of my heart in my

Mortal reality,

Life is love and love

Is the type of life

Worth living as one

Shuffles through this

Cosmic existence of infinity

– Nick F. Hawkins

Sea Of Conciousness

I see everyday as

A treasure of mystery,

My soul follows the

Moons crescents to

Escape from misery,

Desire held me captive

Until the the lunar

Lights illuminated

Over the sea,

The sea of consciousness

Separated me from troubled

Waters to be free,

This third eye now opens,

Now I can finally see

Across the conscious sea

– Nick F. Hawkins


If only I could

Compose the words

That would elevate humanity,

A linguistic elevator that leads

To a universal path of sanity,

If only I could compose our

Society out of disparity,

I just want to write the world

Into an infinite sense of clarity,

I want to create the life raft to

Save us from drowning in our

Own materialistic polarity,

These compositions are the

Reservoir to my clarity

– Nick F. Hawkins


Fell in love with clarity,

She was there for me

When life was filled

With disparity,

The polarity of free will

And destiny formed

A Tempest in my mind

That emerged into

A world wind if insanity,

I strive through my

Voyage in humanity,

Clarity will always

Be a close friend to me

– Nick F. Hawkins

Your Purple Sky Or Mines?

Your purple sky

Or mines?

Time with your divine

Soul and mind is so

Majestic and sublime,

I can feel future, present,

And past lives all in one sky

As our disposition synchronize

Into one gasp and poetic sigh

– Nick F. Hawkins