Lost Seasons

Technology consumes us

Through summer, fall,

Winter, and spring,

Until we hand down

Our way of being a human being

To our off spring in the midst

Of summers heat,

We set our future seeds to fall

By winter while they’re eyes

Are glued to cellular screens,

When’s the last time we’ve seen

Lemonade stands or houses

In trees in the summer breeze,

Our future is falling through winter

And spring,

Summer will never be the same again

Because we’ve lost the human

Connection that built the bells

For our freedom to ring

– Nick F. Hawkins

The Wind

I remember her aura matched the

Sentiment of her virtues along

With the rosey cheeks that tapered

Down to her chin,

Nevertheless I saw reflections

of the pain that I sent

As I glanced at the horizons full of regret

While a gust of air blew memories that

Never cease to transcend,

She had tears that could drown the wind,

The wind became the pain that made

My soul bleed again and again,

I used to breathe along with the flowers

And trees feeling free amongst the breeze,

I no longer feel the profound connection

With the breeze,

Now when the wind blows

My heart skips a beat above

Pieces of broken promises

That I never had the courage to sweep

-Nick F. Hawkins

The Feeling of The Elements

Taking advantage of

Being planted on

This planet before this

Vessel sinks and Parrish

And my existence starts

To vanish,

My consciousness continues

To follow the standards of

The enlightened to disperse

From the lost and damage,

My soul whispers divinity

In the most transcendental

Language to protect me

From being stranded by the

Pain that I was handed,

I feel the earth in my


I feel the breath of the elements,

I’m one with the infinite universe,

I’m one with my home,

The reverence of majestic presence,

I’m the seed of the planet where

I’ve been planted,

The feeling was delivered by the sky,

The feeling is heaven sent

– Nick F. Hawkins

Potent Eye Contact

The potency between our

Frequency when we lock

Eyes are the sacred keys

To an exultant embassy,

I can live here for eternity,

The corridors of our souls

Meeting are the catalyst

To warm amorous feelings,

The unity of our embassies

Are meant to be,

The potency of our frequencies

Are a safe haven that protects

Us from the chaos that’s

Cursed by humanity,

Her eye contact is love,

Our eyes contact sanity,

We are the eyes that saves

Our bubble of humanity

From calamity

-Nick F. Hawkins


Through the third eye I

Realize the perception of

Life is relative to the individuals sight,

As if paradise is a pair of dice

Hoping to paralyze the pair

Of lies that lies within the mind,

Paraphrasing the size of the

Negative voices in the cerebral cortex

Where our ego resides,

Where the ego demise and dies

To make room for consciousness to thrive,

The most paramount time is the moment

Where we awaken in these confusing

Times when the mercury retrograde

Takes the wheel and leaves our sanity behind,

We have power to fly as long as

We continue to follow the light

-Nick F. Hawkins