Infinite Light

Let the light enter

Your soul through

The vessels hidden

Beneath your scars,

Find the light centralized

Between the constellations

Amidst the stars,

You are the light that enters

The deep trenches of your scars,

You are the constellations,

You are the stars

– Nick F. Hawkins

Tunnel Vision

Exercising supreme focus

Within the moments

Will sweat out all of the

Problems and troubles

Of the day,

Living along the River banks

Of dreams to maintain

The mental flames that

Burns my internal chaos into

Submission amidst the

Ashes of the neurological

Land scape,

Supreme focus is the

Tunnel vision that

Keeps me sane,

This tunnel is the

Path that my soul

Craves to take

– Nick F. Hawkins

Tears Of Earth

The world is full

Of hidden scars,

The sea silently

Cries amongst the

Tides when times

Are hard,

The sea tears tyranny

To the sounds of

Pianos in the dark,

The sound track of

Wistful, Spanish guitars

Embark the hidden scars

Deep within the

Earths heart,

There’s a symphony

Witnessed by the

Moons and stars

– Nick F. Hawkins

Her Doubts

There can be doubt that

The stars are made of fire,

However there is no doubt

That the stars in your eyes

Lights my soul on fire

Full of desire,

You can lack belief in the

Sun crossing the sky

Day by day,

But never stray away from

The fact that your love

Births faith in my horizons

When my clouds are gray,

No matter how you receive

My admiration,

Just know that you are the waves

And tides to my seven seas

And oceans

– Nick F. Hawkins


Convictions are more dangerous

Than the lies that we hide behind,

It’s like the blind trying to lead

The blind by following the

Directions to intricate road signs,

If our world was a mirror;

Would our world die?

Because our world is a reflection

Of the Way we feel inside,

Convictions are the caterpillar

That’s afraid of evolving into

A butterfly because it’s

Scared to fly,

We are not our convictions,

We are just victims of the illusion

– Nick F. Hawkins